Updated Website

Hello All,

I am in the process of revamping my website.  I am keeping some of my old photos, but I am also updating a lot of recent photos.

I hope you all enjoy.

A great tip on an app that I am using for my android devices.  It is called planit for photographers.  This app will allow you to place markers on a map for the camera, you can set the camera height, the direction, angle, lens, crop or full frame. then after you have the camera set up you can see what time sunrise is, sunset, where its going to be, see the view in profile, it will show you terrain so you can see if a mountain will be in the way of your shot.  Milky Way view, showing where and when the Milky Way will be in view.

The app has a free version that has a few features, but the paid version (4.99) is so worth the money.  I use it before I go out to take a sunset pic or an attempt on the milky way.

I hope you enjoy, and check it out.