Top 4 Photography Podcast


The following list is a list of my favorite four podcast networks.

4.            This week in photo.

This week in photo offers a variety of podcast covering photo news, tech, and about any type of photography you can imagine.  Visit them at

3.            Fro Knows Photo.

This show is a fun and exciting show, hosted by Jared Polin.  This podcast is very entertaining both in video, and or audio.  The whole cast has a lot of energy, and can be very unpredictable.  They talk about any subject photo related from news to new equipment.  He offers tons of free content on his website to help any level of photographer Improve.  Find this podcast at

2.            Tony and Chelsea Live

I just started watching this podcast about a month ago, and have been full on for this show.  These two host a live show every Thursday night at 5pm eastern time (at the time of writing this article).  During their podcast they review viewer submitted images and usually review two Squarespace portfolios per show.  Check them out live or after the show at or visit their web page at

1.            Improve photography Network. 

This network is by far one of my favorites.  They have so much content available to any type of photographer.  Their web page is very easy to follow and there is so much information available it will blow your mind.  They also have a landscape show called Tripod that explores wildlife and landscape photography in a way that has not been covered before in a podcast.  Check out their great shows at

Thanks for checking out this article.  If you want to see some more of my current work that might not have made it to my portfolio check out my facebook page at